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another won ark sz

it was the mortal passion
the flame that lit the fire
the beauty of the starlight
a lovers link was broken
anothers vengeful plan
was contrived through jealous hatred
for a cross of god and man
"i hope it will turn out so but i cant help
being afraid
perception is hindered by lust
to be sure of the choice you have made."
"grant me this request, please
just promise me your word
attest to the mighty river
let the truth be heard!"
she asked to see the power
his realm of life and love
his godly immortality
the thunder roared above
her words too quickly spoken
lest he stop her from the deed

"i gave you my word, now my love
your grim request i shall heed!"
leaving his maiden
he rose to the sky
returning in splendors
to earth he did fly
subject to presence
too brilliant to face
another had killed passions grace


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