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a vision ark sz

a place within your eyes
forever i wear
this second hand disguise
in time to find your world
this lifetime disappears
yes we understand
in space but not in time
my guardian is here
i cant understand
imagine wanting nothing more
the angel youve been sending for
now dont turn away...
a dreamer
reaching in and finding out
a vision
i must capture it somehow
the first light
that cast a spell to later cry
will always remain
this force of life
its power in a look of fire
was calling your name
dont you feel it?
yes, believe it
its time to set emotions straight
this space is wasting a dream
and it cant wait

here i am
cross this bridge and come my way
the answer to a prayer
a light for us to share
in all our glory
we will hold our lives as one
and i will carry you
until our kingdom come
cant you hear me?
is why the spirit falls below
one to one
is all the strength one needs to grow
this tension i feel
is it really fair?
one of you will have to leave here
these words will break the line
that ties our worlds together
and i will never go
remember having dreams to share?
weve been taught to hide our fear
but now you cant turn away...


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