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the watcher ark sz

[dr. dre]
things just aint the same for gangstas.
times is changing, young niggas is aging,
becoming old gees in the game and changing,
to make way for these new names and faces, but
the strangest things can happen from rappin, when
niggas get wrapped up in image and actin,
niggas get capped up and wrapped in plastic,
zipped up in bags when it happens, thats it.
ive seen em come; ive watched em go,
watched em rise, witnessed it and watched em blow.
watched em up high, and suddenly watched em grow.
watched the lawsuits when they lost the dough.
best friends and money: i lost them both.
went, visited niggas in the hospital.
its all the same shit all across the globe.
i just sit back and watch the show. (the watcher)
everywhere that i go
aint the same as before (the watcher)
people i used to know
just dont know me no more
but everywhere that i go
i got people i know (the watcher)
who got people they know
so i suggest you lay low (i watch)
[dr. dre]
i moved out of the hood for good, you blame me?
niggas aint made me if niggas they cant be.
but niggas cant hit niggas they cant see.
im out of sight, now im out of they dang reach.
how would you feel if niggas wanted you killed?
youd probably move to a new house on a new hill.
and choose a new spot if niggas wanted you shot,
i aint a thug, how much tupac in you, you got
i aint no bitch neither.
its either my life or your life,
i aint leaving, i like breathing.
nigga we can go round for round,
clip for clip, shit, fo-pound for pound.
nigga if you really want to take it there we can,
just remember that you fuckin with a family man.
i got a lot more to lose than you, remember that,
when you wanna come and fill these shoes. (the watcher)
[dr. dre]
things just aint the same for gangstas,
cops is anxious to put niggas in handcuffs.
they wanna hang us, see us dead and enslave us,
keep us trapped in the same place were raised in.
then they wonder why we act so outrageous,
run around stressed out and pull out gauges.
cause everytime you let the animal out cages,
its dangerous to people who look like strangers.
but now we got a new era of gangstas,
hustlers and youngsters livin amongst us.
lookin at us, now callin us busters,
cant help but reminisce back when it was us.
nigga we started this gangsta shit.
and this the motherfuckin thanks i get?
its funny how time fly,
im just havin fun, just watchin it fly by. (the watcher)


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