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keep their headz ringin ark sz

yeah, whattup, this is dr. dre
the partys goin on
thank god its friday
["buck buck buck buck booyaka shan!" - krs one" repeat 4x]
keep their headz ringin (ding ding dong ring-gading ding ding dong)
repeat 2x
verse one:
[hey you, sittin over there] say what?
[you better get up out of your chair] thats right
[and work your body down] yeahhh...
[no time to funk around, cause we gon....]
funk, you, right on up
so get up, get a move on, and get your groove on
its the d-r-e the spectacular
in a party i go for your neck so call me blackula
as i drain a niggaz jugular vein
and maintain to leave blood stains so dont complain
just chill, listen to the beats i spill
keepin it real, enables me to make another meal
still, niggaz run up and try to kill at will
but get popped like a pimple, so call me clearasil
i wipe niggaz off the face of the earth since birth
i been a bad nigga, now let me tell you what im worth
more than a stealth bomber, i cause drama
the enforcer, music flows like a flying saucer
or a 747 jet, never forget
im that nigga that keeps the hoes panties wet
the mic gets smoked, once you hear the beat kick
with grooves so funky, they come with a speed stick
so check the flavor that im bringin
the motherfuckin d-r-e, will keep their motherfuckin headz ringin
verse two:
one-two for the crew, three-fo for the dough
five for the hoe, six-seven-eight for death row
mad niggaz about to feel the full effect of intellect
so i can collect respect, plus a check
now i fin to, get into to, my mental
will take care of this business i need to attend to, cuz my rents due
and this rap shits my meal ticket
so you god damn right im gonna kick it, or get evicted
i bring terror like stephen king
a black casanova, runnin niggaz over like christine
when i rock the spot with the flavor i got
i kick plenty of ass, so call me an astronaut
as i blast past another niggas ass that thought he was strong
but i smoke him like grass, just like cheech and chong
when i flow, niggaz know, its time to take a hike
cause i grab the mic and flip my tongue like a dyke
i got rhymes to keep you enchanted
produce a smokesscreen with the funky green to keep your eyes slanted
so check the flavor that im bringin
the motherfuckin d-r-e, will keep their motherfuckin headz ringin
verse three:
debonairre with flair, i scare wear and tear
without a care, runnin shit as if i was a mayor
but i aint no politician, no competition
sendin all opposition to see a mortician
im up front, never in the back drop
step on stage and get faded just like a flat top
your rhyme sounds like you bought em at stop n go
dre came to wax you so, just call me mop n glow
many tried to, but just cant rock with
im 6-1, 225, a pure chocolate
your chances of jackin me are slim g
cause i rock from summer til santa comes down the chimney
ho ho ho, and so, as i continue to flow
cause yo, im just a fly negro
so, check the flavor that im bringin
the motherfuckin d-r-e, will keep their motherfuckin headz ringin


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