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got me open ark sz

artist: hands-on f/ dr. dre
intro: dr. dre
ai aiyo butter is, uhh, hands-on in the house
well check it out, put some shit on for em
lets get it on, kick it
ha yeah, hell yeah
yeah that shit sounds dope
aiyo kim, what you got to say
verse 1: kim of hands-on
well boy youre movin me
theres somethin physical about it
the way youre makin me feel
the way youre touching me, cant explain
oh, i just cant keep still
when youre kissing me it gives me what i need
hold on tight and baby do it all night (check it)
this is the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on
i wonder how boy, you make me over
chorus: hands-on
now tell me away, cos i cant stop from how you mean
the things you do to me
has got my body wanting you more and more
oh baby, its got it bad
your love has got me open
bridge: dre
no question, kick back, watch my dope eye rise
still an everyday brother with my eyes on the prize
take my time analysing every song that dies
flossin the fliest rides from hits you memorise
been doin this since days of n.w.a.
took it to the next level when i use to dj
got family and fans from new york to l.a.
they keep it real cos they know that dre come with bombay
gs up, aint nuttin changed, yo freeze up!
when i come thru, player haters, women one-two
the dotted maxwell from only a minimum of set sales
clutch your tails for honeys waitin to exhale
keep writin til the next millenium
tape one hit when i serve these fiends, stuff mo potent than bolivian
welcome to the aftermath
aiyo crystal, what you got to say?
verse 2: crystal of hands-on
its like im glowing about the animal attraction
that grows between us
and then my friends ask me just where the hell ive been
they think im crazy, they dont understand
when youre next to me, im lost in ecstasy
dont let go cos im about to explode (aftermath!)
this is the part you take my heart to wipe your feet on
baby please dont make me over
interlude: hands-on
you touch me at the spot
ooh boy, you got me high (thats right)
and when youre loving me down, i never want you to stop
just take it easy (say what?)
baby boy, you babe, you touch the spot
i swear you got me open
chorus to fade


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