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fuck you ark sz

[answering machine girl]
hi baby
i know your under a lot of pressure at your work and all
and i do understand
you have no idea how much i understand
but you also dont have any idea how much i love you
i love you so much
i think about you i feel you in my arms
i miss you.. i miss you terribly
ive just always wanted someone like you in my life
i love you so much; that id do anything
id do anything
ill be your perfect woman for you
[dr. dre]
i just wanna fuck bad bitches
all them nights i never had bitches
now im all up in that ass bitches
mad at cha boyfriend, aint cha?
youse a bad girl, gotta spank ya
gotta thank ya for that head clinic
explicit, hella photogenic
and tell your friends where the dicks at
where they can get hit and wont get back to they soulmate
before you kiss em use colgate
"she swallowed it!" yeah the bitch took the whole eight
and ran with it, then let mel-man hit it
and hit the man hit it; damn bitches
man, this is what im talkin about
chicken-head, chicken-fed, with a dick in your mouth
out and about with your nigga like it never took place
(airtouched) next time you need a taste
i just wanna fuuuuuck you
no touchin and rubbin gul, you got a husband who
loves.. you..
dont need you all in mine
i just wanna fuuuuuck you
we cant be kissin and huggin gul, you got a husband who
loves.. you..
you need to give him your quality time
[devin the dude]
you got the number, its on you to make the call
you know i cum quick; help you re-decorate your walls
cut your backyard, dont have to act hard to get the cock
and if im goin too far, i take it out and wipe it off
and put it back up, and keep going
you tryin to hide it from your husband but i know he be knowin
that your pussys been tampered with
then you show him the new trick of how you can lick it, smoke a cancer stick
you be workin it like a dancer bitch, its hard on me
not to give you all of my time, that you wanted
you can give me some head, but keep the breakfast in bed
id rather spend my mornin diggin through some records instead
but, tonight, i guess itd be aight if we can touch bases
hookup somewhere and exchange some "fuck faces"
i know your mans lookin for ya, hes always tryin to run ya
dont worry bout me handcuffin gul cause i just wanna fuck witchu
[snoop dogg]
.. fuck witchu
on the sneak tip, on some creep shit
so whatcha gon do, ya freak bitch?
you, actin, like you, dont, do, dicks
thats the kinda bitch i hate fuckin wit
baby was a virgin, thats what she said
so i gave her some hennesey, she gave me some head
i fucked her on the flo, so i wouldnt mess up my bed
then lil 1/2 dead put his dick on her head
take that bitch home, and give her a bone
and give her the number to my cellular phone
man, she blowin up my pager, the shits gettin major
a favor for a favor, this dick is what i gave her
somethin to go by, and bitches know why
stuff dick in they mouth, and then im out (see-ya!)
twenty-fo seven, dre, snoop, and devin
we servin these hoes, and never lovin these hoes, beotch!


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