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choices ark sz

artist: kim summerson
album: dr. dre presents the aftermath
song: choices
typed by: richiequick@hotmail.com

ah yeah,
ah, ah
ah yeah
time & time again
through our relationship
ive wondered whats goin wrong
to make us go through, such pains & heartache
but still i know
that my love is so strong for you
should i love you?
should i leave you?
so many choices
oh, oh, baby
so many reasons why
for me to have you near me
so many choices
i dont understand
why you wanna take me through these changes
no no
i cant decide
what to do when it comes to me & you
because my love is true
oh oh oh oh yeah
where do we go from here?
(where do we go?)
i cant help but wonder
(i cant help it baby)
do we belong together?
the love i feel cant be alive
(chorus 2x)
all alone
i dont wanna lose your love
on my own
just cant be without you baby, no
wanna be
gotta have you in my life
cant you see
we can make it if we try
(chorus until fade)


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