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somehow ark sz

she stares at the moon
her ribbons out of tune
memories of the past
at the bottom of her glass
and resting on her cheek
the imprint of his ring
a symbol of the weak
commissioned by the king
did he tie you down?
did you make a sound?

she falls to her knees
screaming god please
make something of me
cause i never wanted anything like what i wanna be right now
an angel again
an angel again somehow

she remembers his old boots
and the shotgun that he shoots
and all she could take
lies at the bottom of a lake
so lift your cig and drag
as you figure out a plan
to hide it all away
how could she ever love this man
did you weigh him down?
did he make a sound?


and when you carry weight in your life (life)
and all the plans you make in your life (life)
the original decision was right


did he tie you down?
did you make a sound?
did he weigh you down?
did he make a sound?


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