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real raw ark sz

- these lyrics appear on the bulk recordings reissue on dreamworks

{kool keith samples are scratched and repeated}

[dr. octagon]
with yellow eyes, my green face, my pink and white afro
im no toy kid, your style is made by hasbro
gniff gnapp, you think you got that real hip-hop
i saw the chart so quickly, watched your album flop
im doctor octo, curlin waste, tourin rhinos
liftin horses, throwin cows at your fake forces
you know my gold style, rabbit fur coat style
you be freezin with the flu watch you keep sneezin
like breezly brewin, your style ima have to ruin
chop up your tactics, you gimmick groups need to practice
you be there, like michael jackson in my atmosphere
gerbils for rectums, i break you off like richard gere
im so fantastic, your metal fist is still plastic
compelled with no threats, your rhymes bounce off my shield
new york city, california, roll my ampex reel
no corny loops and assemble with timberland boots
im strictly monster with turtlenecks like frankenstein
drop that mic kid, you lost, so that ass is mine

chorus: dr. octagon

i get real raw -- change arrangements on your face (3x)
superspeed... flowin!

{kool keith samples are scratched and repeated}

[dr. octagon]
doctor octo, mental disorder, person in alias
fifty-five-six computer tracks on your ass cracks
therapy patient ignored your rhymes in the train station
you dont want none, the vomits on your cinnamon bun
you still rappin in the city talkin pig latin
in fact you no test, you tired man, wont you rest?
take that sleep with nodoz, that common style is cheap
you bought your mic cord, payola scams the billboard
slots thats not hot you settle for the nuts you got
record releases, your crew is wack like chocolate reeses
urine stains are spread out, fly colours on your brains
you beware, orangutangs tappin on your window
bulls and coyotes, while roaches walk around your poodle
like shakespeare, genius thoughts pumpin every year
mcs know, retire quick rap like????
josie merriweather with blocks on your skin is clever
upright direction, i battle any yeast infection
put missiles to work, my needles in your midsection
hold upright, i burn your anus with the purple light
use up your power, make phone calls for an hour

chorus: dr. octagon

i get real raw -- change arrangements on your face (4x)

{double tempo and fast scratching}
{scratching slows and continues to over keith samples}
{keith samples end song}


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