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im destructive ark sz

taking a patient out of the bathroom into water
thats right, get in the water and touch the electic wires

hold this... heres some bread!

"now you tell me how you can live in an apartment, with the pieces
of a person, rotting away with decay and not know?"
"i was totally sick, to tell the truth"
"washing bones, why were you washing bones?"
"cause they were smelly"

[kool keith]
think about it, if you was there standing looking at me
what would you do, if i hit your face with dog doodoo?
smear purple flies on your forehead
spit in your salad, vomit on your brothers breakfast
take your ass outside, burn your mothers house
bring pet mice, and scare your sister with my gray mouse
then drop him under the bed, and leave him there dead
take out your parakeet, with scissors, clip his head
then get the charcoal, whassup, burn your dogs legs
walk by the barbershop, and hit the glass with eggs
then go in the club and dance, mix the alcohol
great with roach spray, heres a drink, have a ball
dance to the music, watch it party pooper
yeah, you know...
im destructive (4x)

bash in your head with ten full cans of campbells soup
im on the roof, im not another pigeon out the chicken coop
stole your checks, and flush money down the toilet bowl
look at the frog, hes gone too down the commode
war paint on the carpet, your fur was my target
give the baby some gum, a pack of bubbleyum
stick it in the rugs, smearing green lightening bugs
all around the walls, down the halls
checking out doodoo on flame pits, niggaz with they armpits
down, smellin funky, check out the junkie, spit
im destructive!! (4x)

like a green red blue reindeer, dead lying down with a fawn
copulating, having sex
mating with a babboon with buffalo wings

like hitler, the german shephard, coming down from the bronx
fighting moose you sound as soft as a goose
we all hang with tickets for van halen
orifice, autopsy, def leppard and spaz
cmon, drop the jazz grateful dead, rock with it
im destructive!!! (3x)


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