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earth people ark sz

verse 1

first patient, pull out the skull, remove the cancer
breakin his back, chisel necks for the answer
supersonic bionic robot voodoo power
equator ex my chance to flex skills on ampex
with power meters and heaters gauge anti-freeze
octagon oxygen, aluminum intoxicants
more ways to blow blood cells in your face
react with four bombs and six fire missiles
armed with seven rounds of space doo-doo pistols
you may not believe, livin on the earth planet
my skin is green and silver, warhead lookin mean
astronauts get played, tough like the ukelele
as i move in rockets, overriding, levels
nothings aware, same data, same system


earth people, new york and california
earth people, i was born on jupiter x4

verse 2

now my helmets on, you cant tell me im not in space
with the national guard united states enterprise
diplomat of swing with aliens at my feet
comin down the rampart through beam on the street
obsolete computes, compounds and dead sounds
as i locate intricately independent
economic rhymer got savoury store food
in capsule d my program is ability
for a reaction and response to a no-one
identification code: unidentified
i got cosmophonic, pressed a button, changed my face
you recognised, so what? i turned invisible
made myself clear, reappeared to you visual
disappear again, zapped like a android
face the fact, i fly on planets every day
my nucleus friend, prepare, i return again
my 7xl is not yet invented

repeat chorus

verse 3

space ranger, contact tubes, send synthetics
i program one and go to earth through the fax machine
my numbers seven-oh-nine seven-five-five six-e-l-three
computer file: nine-three
digital level, standing on the terminal
upside down through polygons fightin pentagons
changin blue skin, my brown colours comin back
im psychedelic this time, come in rainbow
look at the green lights and yall see my brain glow
five colours: yellow, black and red and green...purple

repeat chorus


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