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dr octagon ark sz

[kool keith]
live, november 6, 1996
at the great western forum in inglewood, ca
dr. octagonecologyst and chewbacca uncircumcised
perform with with curt kobane and roger from zapp

[sir menelik]
the plane managed to land, the skeleton at the controls
a place called the twilight zone
are extraterrestrials able to accomplish this?
i will explain but youd become more puzzled at the possibilities
earth ending trilogies, wacky stuff
like gas passing dinosaurs
while i stroll in circles blindfolded
gave a lady some wrinkle cream out of rat poop
you might just laugh so hard your skull cracks
brain spills thick blood shooting out like a champagne cork
females so horny and mean, sucking scales off of live rattlesnakes
my boy gave his girl money for groceries, she got a new hairdo
women like this could even make the devil commit suicide
hung from a tree on johannesburg with no parachute
big-bigfoot captured by ufos
haloes were found, at the landing sites, vanishing
vanishing victims, kept alive on metal examining tables
ex-experts baffled they could survive the caustic exposure
to laser scalpels, green berets
flowing cold heads in mechanical wombs
radioactive constant temperature circular appendages
cripples start shaking sending distress signals
were not alone in the twilight zone

"they waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[kool keith] keep it simple
-scratched- "they waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[kool keith] keep it simple

[kool keith]
back in spiral, i roast humans like a gyro
new york, atlanta, africa to cairo
diplomat king presidential offspring
two miles from westinghouse, with lights down south
government chemical voodoo man miracle
super disease your brain is more hysterical
my urine see paralyze your ability with space codes
electrodes youre ready for a pap smear
wax in your inner ear, doodoo in your outer ear
two cows a zebra will jump through your atmosphere
giraffe-funk will raise beamin through your trunk
steam of legion, to burn up in your anal region
power contracting with bombs in his rectum factor
utilized phonic like water in your panasonic
trip or slip or fall
right into the earth pit, gamma ray toilet
microbes on your earth shit
dr. ludicrous, i turn into a octapus
grab eight species, isolate like an incubus
convert with probes, green shit is on your earlobes
attack what stomach with juice they call gastric
alien bugs with sickle cell, get they ass kicked
dermatologist examine more black cysts
radiation butter pouring down your sinus, its dr. octagon

-scratched- "they waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[kool keith] keep it simple
-scratched- "they waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[kool keith] keep it simple

[sir menelik]
utilize to abuse minds
slice head halves, lets probe the subconcious lobe
mathematical parabola, act test and just ex-plorating
the creative arctic regions, or isolating cockpit
a regular pitstop monitoring with enough fuel to fly a small dirigible
to a place an oasis in a nebula, earth
universal charting unseen atmosphere
requesting assistance, i speed through waves like a concorde sst
then open aperature
the shape of octagon selects forward morphing its the vertical frankenstein
prototype of like kervorkian
mind pedestrian controls
spend elevation gobble the ignorant supersonic cruise
hidin to think, focus psychosis with von blowford
black lotus releases when life is flailing external
terminal update, thermal conducted power source supplied
man on the moon pumps amps, or souped up cable boxes
getting up impossible
the speaker needs another dose, concoct
concoct the scenario view, in a position of a coroner
describing current events bent on human dismemberment
to a point of no resemblance
were not alone in the twilight zone

-scratched- "they waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[kool keith] keep it simple
-scratched- "they waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[kool keith] keep it simple

[kool keith]
like enoch, i wear my cape, you cant destroy
my impeccable caliber that makes your vision blur
i drop particle x when having rhythm sex
voodoo arrangers with the kids power rangers
make me see other men, gorillas masterbating with human strangers
legally through court, youre stung by a genital wart
chlamydia, through the city-a
los angeles texas has a serpent thats urgent
for the mass appeal biomedical test your rectum
squeezing in banana peels
outwards backwards towards boston
its costing androids leaving humans with hemerrhoids
thinking more of what they cant explore, like
the cartoon donald duck is giving fellatio on the floor
with reed richards, looking at the things naked pictures
taking ex-lax to relax with the needle and thread
sewing up all the other buttcracks
in the industry theres no one who can mess with
dr. octagon, now serving coleslaw and pink pickles

"they waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[kool keith] keep it simple
-scratched- "they waved among the trees at breakneck speed... their bikes"
[kool keith] keep it simple
"detached his bike, and leaped to safety
just before they collided with a tree..."


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