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a visit to the gynecologyst ark sz
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a visit to the gynecologyst ark sz

i am a physica, besides we are all gurls
ok up on the table, chop chop
on all 4s
thats is
uuuh yah
what have we got here
oh, oh
looks like your veculuar.. is some what constricted
how have you managed to accomidate large
i dont not of any kind
of course i was just feeling you out, does it work
common, wider wider wider
ur gonna break me
come one u can do it wider
ok, now i want you to practice this excercise 2 times a day for 4min
put one finer in stir it around and around and around
and then another finger, and stir it around and around and around and around
and another finger, and another
and then when you run out of fingers
move on to...
the appropriate size and shape of course
ull have something firm wiggling around inside you
like a catiplillar
ok, like an eel
ok like a cock!


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