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punch drunk ark sz


i had a house i had a car
i used to smoke the best cigars
the taste of oysters and champagne
now its all gone down the drain
cause shes gone left me stretched out on the floor
wonder can i take it any more

and im punch drunk...

i had a horse it couldnt lose
get ready for the real good news
i started writin massive cheques
a nose from home it broke its neck
im in debt for a terrible amount
its a wonder i aint gone down for the count

and im punch drunk...

i saw a way to make cash fast
i should have known it wouldnt last
i got taken for the sap
not only that i took the rap
makes me feel like throwing in the towel
been in better places than the jail

and im punch drunk...
punch drunk, im punch drunk, baby im punch drunk,
and im punch drunk, yes im punch drunk
(to fade)


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