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paradise ark sz

(wilko johnson)

went out walking i recall
me and my best girl along the wall
in the long grass side by side
where the big ships go gliding by, go gliding by
skylark singing in the sun
something told me shes the one
when i looked down into her eyes
i saw pictures of paradise... of paradise... of paradise

everynight you look so mean
staring at your tv screen
back when we where seventeen
you turned me around irene irene

when the days got colder time went by
dark cloud rising into the sky
i just sat there gazing on
like a tower of babylon... of babylon
i went wandering far from home
left my good girl all on her own
i went back there she got the power
see me through my darkest hour... my darkest hour... my darkest hour

everynight you look so mean
staring at your tv screen
i got lost inside a dream
you brought me back irene irene

people talking but they dont know
where ive been to or where ill go
world keep turning all things change
i love two girls i aint ashamed... i aint ashamed
all your loving it thrills me so
i cant go with you i just cant go
a thousand highways you dont live twice
only one road to paradise... to paradise... to paradise

everynight you look so mean
staring at your tv screen
thinkin about what might have been
ill love you still irene irene


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