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if walls could talk ark sz

(bobby miller)

if walls could talk then im sure youd hear
a whole lot of things that would make you cry, my dear
so aint you glad, ooh, aint you glad
that walls dont talk
no they never talk

if doors could tell who turned the knobs
when hes away, working on his job
now aint you glad, oh, you ought to be glad
that doors dont talk
no, they dont

you know, if cars could say just whos been inside
and exactly whom has been taken for a ride
now aint you glad, i know you ought to be glad
that cars dont talk
oh no, they dont talk

- harmonica & guitar "duett" -

if shoes could tell, tell where theyve been
when you claim that you were visiting a friend
now aint you glad, oh aint you glad
that shoes dont talk
no, they just walk

well, in a world of trouble wed be if things ever told on me
my love life would be through cos im guilty, how about you?
if things ever talked that way
aint no telling what they might say
so aint you glad, everybody ought to be glad
that things dont talk
i tell you, they dont talk about you

oh im so glad
im so very glad
that things dont talk



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