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going out west ark sz

(tom waits/k. brennan)

well im going out west
where the wind blows tall
cause tony franciosa
used to date my ma
they got some money out there
theyre giving it away
im gonna do what i want
do what i want
and im gonna get paid

little brown sausages
lying in the sand
i aint no extra baby
im a leading man
well my parole officer
will be proud of me
with my olds 88
and the devil on a leash
my olds 88
and the devil on a leash

well i kno karate, voodoo too
im gonna make myself available to you
i dont need no make up
i got real scars
i got hair on my chest
i look good without a shirt

well i dont lose my composure
in a high speed chase
well my friends think im ugly
i got a masculine face
i got some dragstrip courage
i can really drive a bed
im gonna change my name
to hannibal or maybe
just rex
change my name to hannibal
or maybe just rex

im gonna drive all night
take some speed
im gonna wait for the sun
to shine down on me
i cut a hole in my roof
in the shape of a heart

and im going out west
where theyll appreciate me
going out west
going out west

album: on the road again


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