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going back home ark sz

(wilko johnson/mick green)

i wanna live the way i like
sleep all the morning
goin get my fun at night
things aint like that here
workin just to keep my payments clear
i bought a brand new motor

and im waitin for a loan
so i can fill her up and start her
then im going back home

i got a girl a mans best friend
id have her now if shed just come back again
but she left me in the fog
told me that i treat her like a dog
the last time that i saw her she was buryin a bone
im tired of whistlin for her

then im going back home

old johnny green he asked me in
we watched his tv and we drank a little gin
then i float on down the street
smilin at the faces that i meet
that was back this morning
now im dizzy sick and stoned
when the world stops turning
then im going back home


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