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every kind of vice ark sz

(lee brilleaux/gypie mayo)

if everybody is saying that
love is free
how come they keep it
under lock and key
when it comes to love
youve gotta shop around
on and off, the foreman sell it by the pound
every kind of vice
is only merchandise

when youre making love
check your wallet every minute
cause that little girl
wants everything thats in it
another thing with love
apart from the money
you might get stung
if youre stealing honey
every kind of vice
is only merchandise

when youre feeling down
and you take it on the streets
take your boys, youll need them
its gonna lift you off your feet
you really gonna fly
when you remember what i said
moaning like a sleeper
and youll wish that you were dead
now its lovin or its leave her
or its this or that
the man whos selling tickets
thats getting fat
every kind of vice
is only merchandise


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