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another man ark sz

(wilko johnson)

im an easy going kind of man
i really am
but i can tell theres trouble close at hand
you know i can
heard your name in town
youve been walking round
acting like a clown
then ill understand
that youve got

another man (8 x)

you can stay out anytime at night
do what you like
even come spoiling for a fight
but thats alright
i keep my cool before
but i just cant take no more
when i hear my best friend talking behind his hand
all about

another man (8 x)

- guitar break -

i know you can rock me on the floor
til i get sore
but just one of those little smiles of yours
and i want more
you got plenty of the things your daddy loves
but theres one thing that youve got that i just wont stand
im talking about

another man (7 x)
another man
another man
another man


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