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a touch of class ark sz

(mark hankins/chris bradford)

poor boy, up west, and the action wasnt going my way
rich girl, best dressed, lookin like she come out to play
i stood back, you swept passed, i decided that id give it a shot
i stepped in, i moved fast, i thought id give it everything that id got

we take tea at the ritz, i take you down to the docks
you can rely on me to lower the tone
you call me your bit of rough, i call you my bit of stuff
you aint brass, youre a touch of class

i like a pint, you like your bubbles
we have a whip round when you order your drink
youre in whos who, im whose in trouble
youre upper class and im the missing link

you got a bun(?) in your mouth and too much time on your hands
i got an accent, you can cut with a knife
your dads a bit of a snob but mines a terminal slob
you aint brass, youre a touch of class

we go dutch, it aint much
i knew a classy girl like you wouldnt mind
a bit rough, a bit tough, a bit of low life knocks that perfect punch

- guitar solo -

you got a race horse at home, you keep him down on the farm
i buy the sporting life to studying the odds
i got a feel for the streets, you got your country retreat
you aint brass, youre a touch of class
you aint brass, youre a touch of class
you aint brass
huh, youre a touch of class


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