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rehab ark sz

long day lay me low.

lay me low.

head burning drunk.
i dont need none
thats right man im fine
but what ive got to know,
is have i wasted time?
my eyes are blind
to almost everything you see.
and im drowning through sorrow
- you recognize me -
be me for a change (fucked)
under the silk,

in a box of pine,
and thats dying -
not a single other life
ever will have felt my price
is it worth the risk to be revived?
and im dying, im hollow
- it wont deny me -
be me for a change (fucked)
on the last day
theyll take it all away
on and outta my mind
gimme some medicine...
and im drowning through sorrow
- it wont deny me -
be me for a change (fucked)
yeah, one more time...

long day kill me long


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