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ghosts along the mississippi ark sz

in the morning it takes me quite a while to clear my head
and as the day moves on i find it hard to smile at something said
so i took control, priority #1, and thats me
so i cut the dragons head off and put away my gun
so let it be
im dying prematurely, im wasting my life for sure
im trying to kill whats happening to me
a ghost along the mississippi

i never thought before, a life could be so strange, but it is
and a guess anyone a day, because 10 or 12 more and more
but ive got a gift, its something called my friends or love
with them and i combined, ill beat an early end
its been done before
nothing of passing away, or losing just one more day
im dying to kill whats wrong with me
a ghost along the mississippi

cant happen to me
wont do it to me


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