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beautifully depressed ark sz

you cant fool the fool, cause i know it in my head
i just want the people, to get some before theyre dead
you can take my body and dry it in the sun-
seeing vultures circle overhead
this is the home of the beautifully depressed-
life is just a moment, that rushes all at once
letting the vultures surround me when im dead

i am the lord of the beautifully depressed

endlessly - cum for me
faithfully - bend for me
lifelessly - hang for me
endlessly - endlessly

push me to the limit i aint afraid to die
drive me to the limit, i proudly pledge to die
i dispel the madness by forgetting all the rules
i follow all the footsteps of pre existing fools
begging vultures to bury off my dead
this is the hard life of the beautifully depressed


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