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love is a thrill ark sz

prepare to dine in the darkest hour
i hope you like what i feed
and be my guest at this special party
youll look so good on your knees

cant start without you, i guess ill wait
i hear the thunder comin with the rain

love is the thrill, dare i touch
love is the pain, one to one
deep in the heart shadows come
love is the thrill of fear i love

now would you dance in the mirror for me
and would you fly through the air
and be my soul if im feeling empty
and be my eyes when i stare

cant be without you i hope youll stay
i wont release you, no you wont get away

chorus :

now if you have a second, id like to taste your rage
here in the heat of passion, we find another age
my blood, your blood, our blood tonight

cant start without you, so i guess ill wait
i hear the thunder comin with the rain

chorus :


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