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eye on you ark sz

i couldnt close my eyes,
i stayed up all night
i thought of promises
you gave me for life
your words were racing through my head
"forever together"

i just remembered that you swore
you wont lie
cause youre in love again
theres nothing to hide
of all the other ones youve had
baby you cant fool me

i take no prisoners
i have no demands
but baby let me make you understand

i dont know
what you did last night
keep your secrets, maybe ill keep mine
watch your step
like i told you to
im keeping my eye on you
keeping my eye on you

you got the best of me
i think thats allright
but dont you mess with me
youll never survive
cause theres a part of you i feel
that drives me crazy

ive learned to trust myself
and nobody else
its in the way you look at me
i can tell
you try so hard to make me feel good
baby, i dont buy it

i take no prisoners
i have no demands
but i dont want a lover second hand

repeat chorus :

i take no prisoners
i dont take a chance
id pull the trigger
and youd understand

repeat chorus :


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