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cryin ark sz

you like to play with me
you drive me wild
you hurt me really deep
and i dont know why
it seems to me that im a long
long way from home

i went too far on the road to nowhere
its you and me in a living nightmare
i gave up everything just to stay
close to your heart

you make me haul like the wind
i dont know how you got under my skin

crying, shake it up
if i cry like a baby
does it do it for you
crying, aint enough
if i cry till forever
will i ever get through

i see the trouble
and i feel the danger
is my heart beating for a heartless stranger

just say a word and make me
see the things i dont understand

im freezing cold
and its getting colder
im losing hope
i cant wait no longer
if i could read your mind
i wouldnt come around here no more

you better know that im losing my head
and when i go love will never come back

repeat chorus :

you gotta know that you pushed me to far
youll soon know how that feels
i tell you now: theres only one way out
my last chance is, i turn it around

repeat chorus :


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