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born to bleed ark sz

i just know it i can feel it
theres something in the air tonight
maybe the moon just gave up and fell
somethings not quite right
my heart feels so empty
my minds so full of doubt
i should just stay in, and go to bed
but now im stepping out

sometimes i feel i was born to love you
sometimes i feel i was born to die of need
i ache at the thought of you - holding another
i cant shake the feeling that im
born to bleed

i just knew it - youre not in here
and this where you said youd be
talking with your friends, just being yourself
well thats the part of you that worries me
i should stay here, sort of hang out
but i quit smoking and i hardly drink
the only bad habit that ive got
is dealing with the thoughts i think

repeat chorus :

home at last - well, theres your car in the driveway
when i get in that house im gonna give you
a piece of my mind
youre sound asleep - i might have known it
well whats this? you left me a note
says you waited up for me, till the sun came up
lets see what else you wrote

repeat chorus :


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