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all i want ark sz

you turned my world around a long time ago
i just cant take no more, got to let you know
now im burning with fire
passion burns along with desire
and im standing here waiting for the night
you belong to me
im burning up for you, so deep inside my soul

all i want is your love
its the stuff
where dreams come from
all i want is your love
take me there with your magic touch
all i want is your love
cant get enough

im caught inside a web of mystery
holding on to what i think i need
and im lost here without you
i know im a fool to allow you
and i wonder when it was
that i said you cant feel good
im burning up for you,
now i might loose control

repeat chorus :

im burning up for you, youre all that i need
the heat that i want
is what i breathe

repeat chorus :


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