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whatever happend to the s ark sz

this one goes out to all the people into pop
to the frankies going to hollywood
please wake me up before you go-go
cause theres something i wanna know
did mark king reach level 43?
did boy george date terence trent darby?
i heard the guys in bros. are sisters
like the girls in mr. mister

whatever happened to the 80s?

thank god, rick astley gave us up
when will the scorpions break up?
next time you think about going retro
this is what you ought to know
a sam fox comeback and a crowded house
these are the things i can do without
mr. hutchence is no longer inxs
cause revivals have no class

whatever happened to the 80s?

i wanna know, i wanna, i wanna know, i wanna,...
whatever happened to the 80s?
i wanna know
where did they go-go?


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