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watch you fall ark sz

its what you say
and you dont do
nothings sacred
and youre nothing new
you spend your time
wasting your time
and i know you hate it
when i dont do
youre blaming me
for what you dont get done
its the envy
standing between you and your fun
youre so careful
about not caring at all
how many angels
does it take to catch your fall?
yeah, i got you figured out
yeah, i know what youre all about
and you bring me down
you bring me down
you ve found a place
where you belong
get out of here no
dont get me wrong
youve found a way
to kill your time
get out of here now
and dont kill mine
you bring me down
as i watch you fall
you bring me down
down, down
you bring me down
yes you do
how deep can you fall?


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