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oh yeah, oh yeah ark sz

i wanna take you for a ride
need my best friend by my side
anywhere feels quite alright
to sing our songs into the night
sometimes i need to break free
theres a voice inside of me
sometimes i need to forget
tonight im gonna drain my head

(oh yeah oh yeah) ill have my coffin with sugar and milk
and a body bag made out of silk
this bodys looking for cheap thrills
get my kicks until it kills

i wanna burst like dynamite
i wanna get burnt by the city lights
need the guitars amplified
let the wine drink me tonight
sometimes we need to break free
a voice inside of you and me
sometimes we need to forget
tonight were gonna drain our heads

there aint no doubt about it - oh no!
i cant live without it - oh yeah!
there aint no doubt about it - oh no!
hell yeah!


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