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youre not drinkin enough ark sz
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youre not drinkin enough ark sz

i can see that you havent recovered from
the girl who let you down
and youd sell what is left of your soul for
another go-round
you keep telling yourself she means nothing
and maybe you should call her bluff
but you dont really believe it
you must not be drinking enough
well, the perfume she wore you can buy
down at the five & dime
but on some other woman
it dont smell the same in your mind
you keep telling yourself you can take it-
telling yourself that youre tough
but you still wanna hold here
you must n ot be drinkin enough
youre not drinking enough
to wash away old memories
and there aint enough whiskey in texas to
keep you from beggin,"please, please, please."
she passed on your passion
and stepped on your pride
turns out you aint quite so tough
cause you still wanna hold her
you must not be drinkin enough
ask yourself why
you still wanna hold her
you must no be drinkin enough
ay-yi-yi-yi, etc.......


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