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nobodys business ark sz

i went out in the darkness
just searching for someplace to be
wasnt looking for trouble
i guess it was looking for me
and i knew i was wasting my time
but it was nobodys business
nobodys business but mine

i was taking some comfort
i needed a break from the rain
i guess i was mistaken
and someone remembered my name
but i knew i was doin just fine
and it was nobodys business
nobodys business but mine

well i guess for some
revenge is sweet
though it be once removed
i hope you feel better
i dont know what you proved

well, yonder comes the emperor, boys
he sure looks fine in blue
i hope you feel better, babe
i know youre scared too

well it sure makes you wonder
the things that some people will say
they can see black and white but they
dont seem to notice the gray

what a price for a victimless crime
when it was nobodys business
nobodys business but mine
yeah, it was nobodys business
nobodys business but mine


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