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love rules ark sz

evry day you pass her in the hall
you just pretend that you dont see her at all
you wanna tell her how much you care
you wanna call her but you just dont dare
love rules, ooo love rules
out in the parking lot with all the guys
dont ever let em see the tears in your eyes
shes got a date tonight and it aint you
so you go out there and you get one too
love rules, ooo love rules
love rules, yeah love rules
you wish you didnt have so much to feel
its much too scary and its all too real
all your friends are out havin fun
sometimes you think that youre the only one
that love rules, ooo love rules
while everybodys out makin time
you cant help thinkin youre the last in line
shes the finest thing youve ever seen
you wrap your arms around her in your dreams
when she smiles it brings you to your knees
you wanna tell her but you always freeze
shes in the back seat but youre much too shy
youd give the world to be an older guy
love rules, ooo love rules
love rules, yeah love still rules
love rules, ooo love rules
love rules, love rules love rules
love rules


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