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forever ark sz

(dokken, davis)
searching for answers
i found one
looking for roses
but the season is gone

i see the eyes of a stranger
i dont know you anymore
i know my heart is in danger
lost in you just like before

searching for reasons
one more time
as we turn back the pages
who said love isnt blind?

as i reached out for heaven
you were all i could see
you told me "try to imagine...
forever...just you and me"

ist chorus:

it was the word that you said
that took you into my heart
it was the workd you said
lost in the sea...of my memories
whispered emotions, passions unbared
in the heat of the moment
so many things that we said

you found the end of my sadness
you buried all of my pain
now loves turned into madness
echoes are all that remain

2nd chorus:
it was the word that you said
that took you into my heart
it was the tears that we shed
forever....lost in the sea

1st chorus:
just memories...forever lost just like me
2nd chorus
ist chorus


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