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crash n burn ark sz

(white, dokken)
i considered all the chances that were mine
i beleicved theyd find solutions just in time
i beliecced they had more answers than id heard
the angels sing a different song

stangers all around us, "trust in me " they say
"we have got the answers, to save the world today."

i considered all the things they said.
paper plans drawn out but never read
to save us from our darkest fears
we close our eyes and trust that time will find a way
how we trusted in you, no one knows for sure
still its all but over, sailing on a ship of fools

crash n burn..to live again
up from the ashes i rise
what was clear, the tragedy
took all my chances away

crashn burn...to live again
up from the ashes i rise
only to find its a lie

listening to the radio, it seemed to me
prophets selling fast cars and a dream
send your money to us right away
theres a seat reserved for you
at the holy altar
you can live for free
in the name of his name
for eternity


too many words have been spoken
so many people divine
too many questions rise from my heart
answers i may never find... before i



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