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ben harper, ben harper arklar, ben harper ark szleri
2.angel from montgomery385
3.another lonely day474
6.beloved one394
7.breakin down561
8.burn one down440
9.burn to shine462
10.by my side417
11.diamonds on the inside720
12.dont take that attitude to your grave542
13.excuse me mr403
15.fight for your mind408
18.give a man a home428
19.glory & consequence376
20.god fearing man480
21.going to see the king393
22.gold to me447
23.ground on down409
24.homeless child410
25.how many miles must we march452
26.i shall not walk alone466
27.i want to be ready436
28.if i could hear my mother pray again437
29.in the lords arms753
30.ill rise579
31.jah work430
32.jesus on the mainline380
34.like a king452
35.mamas got a girlfriend now468
36.mamas trippin633
37.not fire, not ice414
38.one road to freedom451
40.pay the man779
41.people lead412
42.please bleed395
43.please me like you want to434
44.pleasure and pain411
45.power of the gospel427
46.quarter of a man447
48.roses from my friends431
49.show me a little shame387
50.steal my kisses435
52.suzie blue452
53.the will to live473
54.the woman in you432
55.two hands468
56.two hands of a prayer403
57.waiting on an angel674
58.walk away461
59.welcome to the cruel world443
60.whipping boy433
61.wicked man564
62.widow of a living man457
63.you cant blame the youth559
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