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psychorama ark sz

too many people are talking shit,
too many people are telling lies,
nobody ever wants to give an inch,
nobody ever wants to sacrifice.

sacrifice, pay the price, understand you gotta lend a hand.
respect the man, live your life like a fucking man.

you walk the globe acting like a fool,
but what youre doing comes back to you.
just remember rule number one
when youre a dick, youll be treated like a dick.

a dick, a cock, a piece of shit,
cause karma has everything to do with it.
its not where youre going, its where youve been,
its not what youre doing, its what youve done.

thats right, youll never be the little one,
never give in and never say youre done.

nobody ever wants to sacrifice
nobody ever gonna pay the price.
nobody ever gonna understand,
nobody ever gonna lend a hand.
when ya listen to the lyrics its a conscience song,
school your differences on right and wrong.
you teach, you learn, you gain insight
ill show you the difference between wrong and right.

one is wrong, and one is right


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