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one day ark sz

had to run from my home if you can call it that,
grabbed my cds and an overstuffed backpack.
things got hot with my moms and pop,
night after night they blew up the spot.
throwing plates and pots, shits got to stop man,
gotta break out let the pressure drop.
too extreme kid when youre only a teen,
cant believe what theyre putting me in between.

maybe one day it will all make sense,
a tight offense is still the best defense.
dont even know if i can trust my friends,
taking anything just to make this end.
cheap wine, hustles, drugs and streetcrime,
sleeping at the flicks turning tricks hard times.
wake up th streets calls out my name,
should be in school, but im beggin for change.

keep things moving by showing and proving,
on the street by myself what the hell am i doing?
somehow one day, someway anyway,
better look out world i got a lot to say.
its my time to shine, need to get whats mine,
make a move to the future leave the past behind,
theres a pie in the sky, gonna get a piece,
i wanna be at peace.


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