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its like that ark sz

oh god im sick right to the bone in this hell that i call home,
boob tube has brought me down, its worse than its ever been.
look whats going on in los angeles, violence and social unrest.
and look what happened to new york city, such a shame its a god damn pity
its like that...

used to live my life, blind innocense. now all i see is mankinds ignorance.
i cant live like this. i cant live like that. its like that.

you got a black mark on your face. paint it.
you dissed the entire human race. stop it.

once you find yourself, you better make it stick.
you dont wanna get pulled down by that racist shit.
oh no, i cant live like that. cause that life is wack.

you got a black mark on your face. paint it.
you dissed the entire human race. stop it.

is this how its gonna be? from arizona to nyc?
to me it seems that they cant resist. they walk and like some backwoods hick.
cause skin is white, or its black or its blue, dont make no difference to me or you.
so give respect to the human race, or dog eat dog will spit in your face punk.

its like that...


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