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isms ark sz

you come on over right through my front door
strapped with all your baggage
what you bringin that for
dont want no disrespect cuz we all know the score
but you need to put time in
at the common sense store

yes yes y all youre brain washed all in your head
lets make one thing crystal clear
we dont want no ism here

how you say you hate me and youre not ashamed
its just insecurity thats causing you pain
well if you cant get past that we are not the same
then realize that ism is a part of the blame

racism - we dont want it here
sexism - we dont need it here
fascism - we dont want it here
keep that ism out of my ear
terrorism - we dont want it here
leftism - we dont need it here
fakeism - we dont want it here
we dont want it we dont need it


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