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getting live ark sz

im hitting switches in my eighteen wheeler
burning trees on the run from the smokies like a dealer
a master mc on the cb kid nappin your ears g
but you cant even see me
im breakin up all you good ol guys
and im collecting mad props
at truck stops from all your wives
i keep it live with word manipulation
its the dog eat dog roguish armament invasion

all across the nation and around the world
people are getting live, yeah they know the time

we wont stop and we wont quit
and all you truckers gotta deal with it
we dont care we got the right
stupid gear jammin were getting live

breaka breaka 1-9 its live and direct
the i double l captain of the armament

the fccs been looking for me
this is my radio these are my channels 125 channels
were going down in the live annals ancient ones
the handle
i burns the candle at both ends its live my son
raw like sewage world wide is how we do this
keeps it true to the music so you can move kid


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