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get up ark sz

dont just sit there, get up!

check the groove, bron to make you moove.
paid some dues never sang the blues.
how i choose to give the love to you
take it it on the road all across the globe.

weve got people feeling hot from state to state,
beats hit harder than a heavy weight.
others are lame, playing the game, wordly acclaim,
thats how were straight just gaining the fame.

ah yeah, i got something i wanna say,
no no, dont just sit there, get up! get up!

now you know that we will rock every show from here to tokyo.
bond blood brothers with sisters, i love ya, never uncover, let you discover.
how we got you open, let me make a point, we aint the ones who gonna disappoint.
whats understood, you wanna feel good, carry on that vibe back in your neighbourhood.

who got the hip that can make you hop?
who holds the rock and can make it roll?
who brings it live with the party vibe?
put your hands high, shut your eyes and scream!

heres a little something for the worldly wise,
as we continue to galvanise.
we let these fakers scratch their heads,
as these bakers proceed to ake the bread rise.


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