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gangbusters ark sz

back in the old days when gangsters were all the rage
and crime was the front page of news and tv....
a group known to no one whos blows were all low ones
the cops had shit to go on they had no leads....

drive by shootings
murders at will...
pay for protection
or have yourself killed...


guys like al capone who loved being unknown
made themselves at home and still got away...
the law couldnt catch him or none of his hit men
so he died in prison for taxes unpaid...

screw prohibition
crimes go unsolved
elliot ness
couldnt wrap up the mob...

hey ho- who the gangbusters
hey yo- you the gangbusters
thats right- we the gangbusters...

some say crime dont pay but they didnt feel that way
and so i would have to say that i do agree...
the gangbusters in the past proved they were there to last
by knife or shotgun blast for the world to see



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