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games ark sz

standing up at the plate
waiting on my date
i was starin to worry
she was a halt-hour late
my team dont like it
when i delay the game
but they know im crowned
the girls on the rebound
life is like a stadium at night
crowd cheers jeers
drama spot lights
the public know us
maybe they dont
but now i m gonna show em
what the cameras wont

time is running out for you and me
whats it all about?

when i was a kid
i went down to the minors
for stealing a base
they gave me a shiner
sat me on the bench
til i learned my lesson
little older, wiser
and a little less aggressive
at the age of 17
i got back on the team
like a quarterback sneak

every kids dream
never far from home
always in the zone
home or away
in ballparks and domes

cmon and play these games today
who wants to play these games today
im gonna play these games today
we gotta play
play games


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