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expect the unexpected ark sz

now you never know when its your time
its always there in the back of your mind
read it in the paper see it on tv
never think it could happen to me
accidents occur we dont know why
just look what happened to princess di
one car crashed and the whole world cried
no time to say goodbye
wont see your future in a crystal ball
your psychic friends cant help you at all
cant buy time at a shopping mall
the writings on the wall
struck by lighting, fall in a well
it sounds far fetched but you never can tell
when youre swimming with sharks that you cant repell
no one can hear you yell...

you never know where
you wont know how
when you least expect it
expect the unexpected

boom! what a terrible sound
planes go up, and crash back down
you never thought when you left the ground
that you would not be found
took a big chance when you made that bet
laid it on the line now youre starting to sweat
this is one day youll never forget
cash in your pockets and no regrets
fly in the sky, or sail in a boat
it dont matter which way you go
titanic, dont panic,
theres other ways to cross the atlantic
dont be surprised by what you hear
things arent always as they appear
the unexpected aint nothing to fear
the truth is always clear


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