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bulletproof ark sz

check check one two on the boom shot
heres the one on the gun in the street spot
little boyz in the hood far from l a.
got the heat on the street
now theyre ready to play
got the look of a crook
now they got the prop
gassed up head full of lead
might even drop a cop
or not, who knows, it could go any way
but fun with a gun the games children play

why did someone have to be the victim
of a stupid game you shouldnt be playing
dont you know that guns arent for children
i tried to tell you but you didnt listen

the second verse skit is on the hearse tip
young fingers on triggers and bodies gonna get hit
lick fe shots that go bang in the night
just that quick you know he lost his life
such a shame that the game
had to end like that
body dies mama cries
when the hammer cracks
i know you didnt mean it
the damage is done
its what you get
playing with gun, son

bulletproof - its a shame
bulletproof - and you know the game
one mistake, a lifetime of pain
hell your cell yourself to blame

bulletproof - no you aint
bulletproof - and nobody is
a gun aint a toy, toys are for kids

click-clack-pop-pow l


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