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always the same ark sz

always the same and thats a shame.
the only change is the name of the game.
i know it sucks, cause times are tuff
and its ruff but you gotta keep your head up.

what do you want?
i want a shot to follow my dreams, theyre all i got.
what do you need?
i need a chance to go for it all cause i got plans.
what do you got?
i got nothing but fire burning inside for all i desire.
what do you see?
all i see is walls obstacles in my way theyre gonna fall.
how do you feel?
its all wrong but if its not kill me im getting strong.
where do you go?
on that i must decide exhibiting a sense of self.
what is the deal?
just playing with time, learning alot, trying to get mine.
what do you know?
i dont know why it hurts, but if its really worth something it takes hard work.


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