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the story ark sz

im always talking shit cause wherever i go i walk in shit
and now they got me on some stalking shit
broad daylight niggaz is crying "but i dont want anyone to blast"
so from the roof i pick em off like a scab
and watch the slug bust a thug like a watermelon
he shoulda thought about that before caught a terror
and now another kid grows up without a daddy or a mommy
cause at the funeral i hit up the caddy,
its the army for real niggaz with nothing to lose
cause when its time to go you dont get to choose
i make the muthafuckin rules and i enforce it,
shortys people was loose hand so he lost it
i took the joints and tossed them, in the river,
at the same spot that i dumped
this kid that didnt wanna give a nigga the combo, to the safe in the crib
look, money, thats why i did what i did

{2 niggaz talking.....}

mad stressed and im about to have a breakdown
its time for pops who got the store on the corner to have get a shakedown
he hasnt paid for protection in like two months
so i figured id leave him wit like two fronts
i break up shit to let him know that im real
reminder, i know where you live so dont squeal
told him, next time i come, have some paper for me
dont fuck around and turn into another caper for me
cause though hes cool all that cool shit stops
and i be in the crowd talking bout, "yo who killed pops?"
its a shame, he was caught up in the game and couldnt play it
so i smoked him, i asked him "whos the man" and made him say it
three times, and thats how many times i hit him
a nigga was acting like he didnt have to pay so i did him
yo i think this shit is going to my head (for real)
but let that be a lesson, dont pay dues and you dead

{2 niggaz talking.....}

a little birdie told me that the feds were on to me
and they wanted to do something real wrong to me
so i broke out, blazed the l for a while
checked my sources and found my name was on file
under gun for hire and extortion, but yo i never use
the same joint twice as a precaution and i heard this kid tried to set me up
he knew i knew so he tried to wet me up
see he was under investigation for drugs
they set up all types of phone taps and bugs
then when they bagged him, money went out, reprisent (he was my friend)
said theyd let him go, all he had to do was snitch
and i know now he wish they would have kept him
cause it was sweet how i crept him, wet him up then left him
and thats for mufuckas that dont know
go against the grain and you feel the pain
aight yo?


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